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This website is full of information about Merrilees around the world.
Including history, genealogy, significant places, clan contacts, and both international & local gatherings.

Latest International Gathering - June 2018

The 5th North Amercian gathering included the Merrilees Clan joining the Chicago Highland Games parade.

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August 2016 - New Clan Chief

Dear Clan Members,

It is a great honor and privilege to be selected by our Chieftains to continue Chief Bob Merrilees' term as Clan Chief. I look forward to working hard to promote the sharing of our history, genealogy and friendship between our members.

We need to grow and increase involvement and you can help. Each of our Chieftains will be reaching out to known members in their respective geographies for contact information. We are also looking for members to write web site articles and to share ideas as to where our next International Gathering should be. Please be willing to share your family email contacts, ideas for who in your family could fit into a story column called "someone you should know" or be willing to share a story about their significant happenings. Don't forget to include yourself as a potential person of topic, life stories are very precious.

We would also love to hear about where you would like to experience the next International Gathering to be in 2018 and what dates or time of year would be best.

Please contact merrileesclan@gmail.com, your chieftain or me anytime that you wish to share your thoughts! We look forward to hearing from each of you.

Good on Ya!

Mike - michael.mirrilees@gmail.com

Places of Interest ...

Merrylees Cottages - Scotland

This row of stone cottages is all that remains of the 12th century West Lothian estate of Henri de Merleis, as recorded in the Staffordshire Pipe Scrolls in 1170. They are situated between Linlithgow and Edinburgh on the corner of the A904 Bo'ness - Queensferry Road and the B9109 leading to Blackness and overlook rolling green fields stretching down to the Firth of Forth. The original name of the estate Myrge Laese - meaning 'pleasant pasture' in the Old English of the day - was a very apt description.

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Stanley Park's Merilees Trail - Canada

Western Canada Chieftain, Bill Merilees, says one of Vancouver's best known land marks, has a "Merilees Trail" named after his uncle, Harold Merilees, who was a dedicated and active participant in community affairs earning him the unofficial title "Mr. Vancouver".

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Order your Merrilees Tartan

We are very excited to inform you that DC Dalgleish of Selkirk Mills (Scotland) will now allow our MFA members to buy Merrilees tartan directly. They are the weavers that we started with in 1998.

Click here to order your Merrilees tartan and tartan products.

Search for the Merrilees tartan section. Merrilees Modern colors and Meg Merrilees tartan are the same except for the width of the tartan. Several Merrilees tartan weights are also available and comes in two widths.

If you want a kilt, they can make it for you or you can order the tartan and have it made elsewhere.
Keep in mind that a kilt requires 4 yards of material at 70 mm wide, or 8 yards if half that.

If you want tartan but can't make the minimum order, please email Clan Chief Mike Mirrilees who will place a combined order.

MFA Newsletter

A regular family newsletter that can be distributed via email, loaded on the website, and linked from Merrilees Family Association facebook page.

If you want to join the distribution list please contact us with your email address, name, city & country.

If you have an idea or information for an article please contact us too.

Gallery photos

We are looking for interesting Merrilees photos from the International Gatherings that are appropriate to put on the website.

Send via email to merrileesclan@gmail.com.
Or upload to the MFA Facebook page . There are albums already set up for each international gathering.
Please include a comment with the photo eg where, when, & who.