Stanley Park's Merilees Trail

Vancouver, Canada

Named after Harold Merilees
General Manager of Tourism Vancouver in the 1960s

Former Western Canada Chieftain, Bill Merilees, says one of Vancouver's best known land marks, has a "Merilees Trail" named after his uncle, Harold Merilees, who was a dedicated and active participant in community affairs earning him the unofficial title "Mr. Vancouver".

This forest trail is just one of many offering over 27 km of quiet refuge, far from the madding crowd on the park's more developed periphery. These wide paths give a taste of what this peninsula must have been like centuries ago when, before logging, its towering cedar, fir and hemlock forest reined supreme.

Merilees Trail is on the western seaward side of the peninsula. It runs slightly inland from Siwash Rock and almost to Prospect Point. As you walk, keep an eye to the left and you may spot the tall Douglas-fir, with the Bald Eagles'; nest perched high in its branches. If you are lucky, two great eagles will be there to greet you!