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6th International Gathering - 25 August 2023

Join us for the 6th international gathering in Edinburgh. It will include a buffet dinner at Murrayfield Stadium. And coincides with the Edinburgh Tattoo.
There may even be a family golf tournmnent at a local golf course.
For more details about the gathering, please contact gathering@merryleeshull.karoo.co.uk

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International Gathering - June 2018

The 5th North Amercian gathering included the Merrilees Clan joining the Chicago Highland Games parade.

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Places of Interest ...

Merrylees Cottages - Scotland

This row of stone cottages is all that remains of the 12th century West Lothian estate of Henri de Merleis, as recorded in the Staffordshire Pipe Scrolls in 1170. They are situated between Linlithgow and Edinburgh on the corner of the A904 Bo'ness - Queensferry Road and the B9109 leading to Blackness and overlook rolling green fields stretching down to the Firth of Forth. The original name of the estate Myrge Laese - meaning 'pleasant pasture' in the Old English of the day - was a very apt description.

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Stanley Park's Merilees Trail - Canada

Western Canada Chieftain, Bill Merilees, says one of Vancouver's best known land marks, has a "Merilees Trail" named after his uncle, Harold Merilees, who was a dedicated and active participant in community affairs earning him the unofficial title "Mr. Vancouver".

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Order your Merrilees Tartan

You can order Merrilees tartan from DC Dalgleish of Selkirk Mills (Scotland) They are the weavers that we started with in 1998.

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Search for the Merrilees tartan section. Merrilees Modern colors and Meg Merrilees tartan are the same except for the width of the tartan. Several Merrilees tartan weights are also available and comes in two widths.

If you want a kilt, they can make it for you or you can order the tartan and have it made elsewhere.
Keep in mind that a kilt requires 4 yards of material at 70 mm wide, or 8 yards if half that.

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