1st International Gathering

14-16 August, 1998
Edinburgh, Scotland

The first ever international gathering of the Merrilees Clan was held in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Organised by the USA-based Merrilees Family Association, it was attended by nearly 200 people related to the surname by any of its 109 different spellings. They came from the British Isles, Canada, United States of America, Australia and New Zealand, ranging in age from eight to 80, to learn more about their Scottish heritage and family roots.
The main function was a formal dinner at the Hibernian Football Stadium preceded by a group photo session in the main stand. Many Merrilees Tartan kilts, scarves and ties were worn proudly and the sense of identity was reinforced by the truly amazing family likenesses in evidence.
Guests were welcomed by the newly-elected Clan Chief, Mike Mirrilees from the USA, founder of the Merrilees Family Association, and entertainment was provided by a piper and Scottish dancing to a live band.
A highlight of the weekend for many was visiting the Merrylees Cottages near Linlithgow. Two of the cottages were for sale and great interest was expressed in the feasibility of the Association purchasing one and setting it up as a museum. Postcards of the cottages were posted overseas to friends and relatives or kept as mementos. An official T-shirt was also supplied to everyone who registered for the event.

1st International Gathering - 1998
Edinburgh, Scotland