2nd International Gathering

8-10 August, 2003
Edinburgh, Scotland

The Second International Gathering of the Merrilees Clan was held in Edinburgh, Scotland. Once again there was world-wide representation from the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Approximately 110 people attended the main function at the Heriot-Watt University on Saturday night, which consisted of a banquet meal with traditional Scottish dancing to a Celtic band, preceeded by a Group Photo (below) with everyone divided into their respective MFA family trees.
During the evening, Clan Chief Michael Mirrilees presented individual plaques to the four chieftains who attended - Bill Merrilees (Scotland), Ian Merrylees (Australia), Gary Merrylees (New Zealand) and Brian Merrilees (Eastern Canada) - in recognition of their efforts, since the First International Gathering in 1998, in promoting the clan in their respective countries. He also made it known that the DNA project to link Merrilees family trees had had its first success with a 100 per cent match of the males tested from Trees 1 and 6.
Mike Mirrilees was confirmed in his position as Clan Chief with a rousing ovation and he expressed his wish that the current chietains would also continue in their roles.
Some of the early arrivals for the Gathering met on the Friday afternoon at the Murrayfield Ice Rink and there was a good attendance at the Orwell Lodge Hotel on Sunday afternoon for many farewells.
The Gathering was memorable for the wonderful comaraderie it engendered, the renewing of old friendships and the enthusiastic meetings of new 'cousins' from different parts of the world. Several new genealogical links were made by the keen researchers present.

2nd International Gathering - 2003
Edinburgh, Scotland

The inaugural Merrilees Golf International was also held in conjunction with the Gathering, organised by Bob Merrilees of Chingford, England.