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August 2017 - Norwegian Merrilees Visit Scotland

Guri Utheim organised a group of 30 family members to vist Scotland.

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January 2015 - Robbie Burns Celebrations

Meet young William Wallace Merilees (6 months old) who entertained family by doing his version of the highland sword dance.
Son to Fraser Merilees & Tanya Wilhelm, and grandson to Bill & June Merrilees (Western Canada Chief).

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August 2014 - Links to the Holy Grail

Many of you may be aware that the "Nanteos Cup", a wooden chalice that has for centuries been lauded for its supposed healing powers and which is claimed to be the Holy Grail, the cup which Jesus used at the Last Supper or a vessel used to gather his blood after his crucifixion, and subsequently brought to Glastonbury in Britain by Joseph of Arimethea when he founded an abbey there in the first century, was in the possession of family member, Fiona Mirylees, who lives in Herefordshire, near the Welsh border.

Newspapers, however, reported last month that the chalice, which was given to the Mirylees family in the 1950s and is only partially intact, was stolen from Fiona's home while she was in hospital.

The priceless artefact, which some claim dates back only to the 14th century but it has featured prominently in documentaries about the Holy Grail.

July 2014 - Merrilees at Glasgow 2014

Kieran Merrilees is representing Scotland in Badminton at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.
Three-time Scotland Badminton champion and one of the best players in Europe.

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See Kieran in action at Glasgow 2014
Read more about Kieran at Glasgow 2014
Read Kieran's Scotland badminton profile

March 2014 - "Climbing My Family Tree: The Merrilees Family Association"

Emily Mirrilees (daughter of Mike & Bunny Mirrilees) wrote an article about the origins of MFA for her class at Wheaton College.

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January 2014 - "DNA to the Rescus - Tree 11"

Article published in Your Family History Magazine (Issue 137) by Don Munro

Don completed some research into his wife's (Bet Merrilees) family tree (Tree 11).
That tree starts with an illegitimate William Merrilees. Read the article to find out how our DNA helped unravel the mystery.

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May 2013 - Meet our new Clan Chief, Bob Merrilees

Bob Merrilees was initiated as Clan Chief at the 4th International Gathering in May 2013. Bob has taken over the reigns from Mike Mirrilees, who has retired as Clan Chief after founding MFA in 1995.

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The Book Corner

The Surnames of Scotland by George Black

Interested in the history of Scottish surnames, Black's book comes highly recommended. This is what it says about our name.

Merrilees, Merriles, Merrylees Mireylees, Mirylees, Mirrlees. From Merrilees, the name of an estate in and hamlet now merged in the estate of Binns, West Lothian. In the Retours the place name is spelled Mureleyis (1602), Murryleyis (1618), and Mirrieleyis (1683). There was also a Mureleyis in Renfrew, 1604 (Retours 18). Thomas Mereleys or Murleis who was permitted during the pest to cum in to his awin house of the Mure" in Edinburgh in 1529 (MCM., p. 93), may be Thomas Mureleyis "dekin for the time of the Cordinaire Craft" in Edinburgh, 1533 (Guildry p. 103). Richard Mereleis was "expellist and banist" from Stirling in 1545 (SBR., p. 41), and Meg Merrilies is the name of the old gypsy woman in Scott's Guy Mannering. William Hope Merriles died in Leith, 1941 Mirrilies 1665.

Muir & Mirrielees by Harvey Pitcher

Muir & Mirrielees - The Scottish Partnership That Became a Household Name in Russia
The story of Russia's first department store. And it all started with a Mirrielees involved.